Supra-gingival Healthy Dentistry

Supra-gingival Healthy Dentistry is a style of dentistry that uses the latest innovative techniques to preserve natural tooth structure and keep restorations above the gum line. With this modern, minimally invasive form of dentistry, we are able to conserve as much tooth structure as possible. Protecting your teeth and gums provides a healthier, beautiful smile.

The benefits of supra-gingival dental procedures are:

  • Healthier gums, because every effort is used to avoid placing materials below the gums to prevent inflammation

  • Stronger teeth, because we remove as little tooth structure as possible, preserving as much of your natural tooth

  • Less discomfort, the minimally invasive techniques help minimize injury to your tooth, nerve and gums

Dr. Wilson is a certified and active member of the Academy of Supra-gingival Healthy Dentistry. He has undergone special training and is committed to proving patients with cutting-edge Supra-gingival Minimally-invasive Healthy Dentistry.